During fire resistance tests of construction products and structures, we carry out the following tests:

  • doors, windows and shutter assemblies (EN 1634-1),

  • curtains (EN 1634-1),

  • partitions and non-load bearing walls (EN 1364-1),

  • load bearing walls (EN 1365-1)

  • ceilings (EN 1364-2)

  • load bearing structures between floors and roof structures (EN 1365-2),

  • beams and posts (EN 1365-3; 1365-4)

  • penetration seals (EN 1366-3)

  • non-load bearing suspended façades (EN 1364-4)

  • installation ducts (EN 1366-1)

  • dampers (EN 1366-2)

  • penetration seals (EN 1366-3)

  • linear joint seals (EN 1366-4)

  • maintaining the functioning of electric installations (HRN DIN 4102-12) and a number of other tests from this field.

Test procedures are accredited by the Croatian Accreditation Agency.

You can check the list of accredited procedures here. We also carry out fire resistance tests of shipbuilding products (bulkheads, ship door, ship decks, materials…).

The laboratory got the accreditation for testing of shipbuilding products from the Croatian Register of Shipping (HRB).