March 2017:

LTMCert gets the resolution of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets about the status of an authorized certification body and registration in the NANDO base.

Resolution certification body in system 1- doors, windows, shutters, roller blinds

Resolution for certification body in system 1- fire detection and alarm devices

December 2016:

The accreditation for the certification body LTMCert according to HRN EN ISO/IEC 17065 was obtained.

LTMCert certificate

LTMCert annex to the certificate

May 2014

After the one-year preparations, on 28/05/2014, we successfully carried out the test and the seminar on the test of fire resistance of façade systems with testing on the realistic sample. As partners of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb and other organizers in cooperation with another two well-known European laboratories (SP FIRE from Sweden and ZAG from Slovenia), we successfully carried out testing of three different façade systems, on realistic test samples. Thereby, we proved the indisputable fact that the current European regulations in this field are not good.

Namely, for classification of façade systems, the method is used that cannot give actual data about the performance of the façade system in case of real external fire.

The conclusion of the test is that, from three façade systems (from which all three can be used for all types of structures according to the current Croatian regulations), at least one system surely does not have sufficiently good characteristics that would enable sufficient safety to citizens staying in them in case of a fire.

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